Michelle Pearl Gee (MPG) is an advertisement photographer based out of Portland, Oregon with a focus on lifestyle, adventure and documentary photography. Known for her authentic, candid and emotive style.

Throughout her childhood, MPG snapped through hundreds of rolls of film and to this day, is still a chronic over shooter. Growing up barefoot on the East Fork of the Lewis River, being in the wilderness and around water has always been a deep rooted love. So any photography that takes her on an adventure, is one she'll never turn down. Even if it means packing 60 lbs of gear, 10 miles up a mountain.

Shooting both large brands and small businesses, MPG can accommodate both styles of photoshoots. Many of her clients rely on her for casting, location scouting and then simply send product her way. Other clients have large teams helping both before and during the shoot. Whatever your needs are, just let MPG know and she'll take it from there.

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