TNC + Patagonia - Hiking

Portland, OR, USA. June 2016.

Setting out on a 1700 foot elevation hike to Munra Point, we came across all types of terrain and scrambles. We pushed past falling, muscle fatigue and losing our breath. In the end it was worth it for the view and the moments we experienced together.

This #ChooseAdventure movement is celebrating the beauty, strength, courage and willingness to dare as women. Changing the face of adventure, one journey at a time!

Client: Altitude Seven
Brands: Patagonia + The North Face

Special thanks to She Jumps!

SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-6-1.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-28-3.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-31-4.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-61-5.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-91-8.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-112-11.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-187-22.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-182.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-227-27.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-216-28.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-203-26.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-229.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-266-34.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-249-32.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-353-43.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-361-41.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-308-40.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-326-42.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-380-47.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-383-48.jpg
SS16-A7-Choose Adventure-Munra-421-51.jpg